i think im being recommended videos about bridge simulator now because of the hidden world levels and people titling them "the secret world" when i watched a lot of tsw videos for dead mmo #374 that i love.

@cambrian_era it wass they sometimes release episodes? i think? biut pretty few and far between now.

@root They rebooted it with different mechanics and I tried to play it but it's hard to just play through it all again even if it is good, story-wise. And they still update it but yeah.

I'm looking forward to Funcom's Dune MMO tho.


oh my gosh that's so weird! I'm getting pushed videos for that same topic, but I don't actually know why

@baronnarcveldt omg so then that means it's some kind of weird alhorithm thing that youtube is pushing and will never tell us about lol

@dopple nahhh but it's kinda been skeleton crew for almost its entire rebirth.

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