ok so if you put a bee in the freezer, it will get cold and fall asleep. after, put it in your mouth, but don’t eat it. it'll get warm and wake up. now you have a bee in your mouth!

@root fresh honey right from the source in exchange for a warm little home. This is symbiotic evolution.

@root instructions too clear: have bee in mouth. Please help

@root someone fav'd this toot and the fav showed up in my notifications and now i've been reminded of this amazing bee post

@Garrison @gasp and @nova are really good at that i feel like i see them usually starting these? lol

@root 🎶 I got bees in my mouth and they won't go. Bees in my freezer and they won't go. And the bees still buzz, the bees still buzz, oh wo wo🎶

@root It makes me happy to see that you're still on your bullshit

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