What bad movie should I watch? I’ve never seen any of them!

@Thomas ok tokyo drift is actually not bad at all? like you gotta get past the 4th tokyo drift to get into boring slog territory. but if you want a legitimately bad movie, the pure meme abundance you're missing out on not seeing the mess that is paul blart is immense.

@root people keep saying Tokyo Drift is good, but I’ve seen like the first 10 or 15 minutes and did not like it! Here I thought it was universally disliked, maybe it’s just me!


@Thomas that's hon estly fair lol i dont like and honestly dont even remember the introduction until they finally make him go to tokyo for some reason i forget lmao but once there, there's lots of pretty shots and a v fun soundtrack that you will never ever get out of your head? unless that's just me. i didnt care about the main character at all but for some reason it's still a good time lol

@root I generally like the F&F movies, so I’m sure if I gave it a chance I would at least have fun with it!

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