this always happens when im messing with electronics lmao

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@forAll52 normal magnet stuff but in this instance since it's under my skin it helps me detect the more subtle aspects of a magnetic connection that you wouldn't normally feel due to not being able to, well, feel for magnets

@root That sounds like it would be a sensory nightmare for me

@forAll52 yeah it definitely gives your sense of touch a new level. definitely not for everyone but it's my favorite body mod despite being invisible lol

@root I would mostly want an opportunity to be biologically genderless, no inside or outside reproductive system. Ideally none of the hormones associated with that stuff either. I have a hard time imagining other things

@forAll52 that's entirely fair! that would be very rad, the only thing missing from that equationsl iis a hormonal replacement that could prevent the side-effects of prolonged periods of not having either of the gendered hormones, as it can essentially switch your brain into 'we're old now' mode and cause issues like dementia and whatnot. but i would love for that to be a reality for sure.


yeah...if the screw goes in is probably your finger.

This looked like it was stabbing your finger and for a second I was very worried on how you handled electronics

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