finally, the hero to answer my calls when i have gay or trans questions!

@BestGirlGrace @root wait since when did Faren ever even get close to Balthazar

@root I really should get a Praetorean character running at some point :thonking:

i never played the goin rogue expansion back on live so it's super fun reading everything and i also made a VEAT to relive mercy city too and omg i forgot about all the snakes lmao.

@root I have no idea what you're talking about which means I have some content to go over!


unsurprisingly, he's misogynistic and doesn't accept Anna as the new inclusive and more wholesome leader. so not the most surprising twist, but still very satisfying

Cursed. Extremely cursed. 

🎶And then a hetero comes along
with the strength to reply guy on
and he casts your queers aside
and you know he can survive
so when you feel like hope has come
look around you for his call
and you'll finally see the truth
that a hetero lies to you 🎶

Cursed. Extremely cursed. 


djjanfjfjjfjjfjdjj I've perished

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