my hobby is talking to people and incessantly tabbing between all my conversations despite knowing no one responded yet

im also bad at continuing conversations i should probably learn how to do that huh

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@SuperGideon oh i know what to do! this is what they call "going off"! eve told me. :slimebot_knife:


my therapist gave me a sheet asking how much i found the statements relatable such as i find it difficult to continue conversations and i forgot to ask "so how do i fix these things tho" lmao

@root definitely something to bring up next session. Until then I won't judge you too much if you leave me on read. 😂

@root oh mood, my go-to is just not responding to ppl when i get bored

or absolutely always needing the last word so i never stop responding


hahahahaha i feel called out i get like so nervous in my head im like vomiting messages like haha why cant i stop just stop let them respond stop anxious messaging them lmao

@root i'm That Friend who quadruple-messages and gets left on read

@root but i'm also That Friend who leaves quadruple-messages on read, so i guess it's just karma

@root yes but also disappearing before i get a response so i immediately ghost

hahahaha omgg i felt so bad tonight because i had a quick thing tonight and like 3 of mny convos had responses and i couldn't really respond at the time and i was like frick frick

@root @zoey this is really, really fucking relatable hel

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