cesya made me a new art for my mascot image on my instance ;u;

@root i love the bubbles, that liquid interior is super cool


slime under a clear robotic exterior ;>

@root i just noticed i complimented the last one you posted too. I guess i just like this -sona from a conceptual level up lol


it's taken me a long time but i finally figured out my sona after years online lol

@root I need this bot. I've got a ton of spare parts, it's there an image file up on github I can use to boot it up?


it's open source so long as i remember :thinkerguns:


I love it

the whole aesthetic you've got going for your account is super badass :heart_cybre:


I need to get around to installing a more interesting theme but I do love being greeted by the shiny luxray everywhere I go on my instance


im too busy to do much of anything but this is all i need haha :slimeheart:


aaaaah you changed you avatar too! love it (your old avatar was also super cute too though)

yeah someone gave me some instructions on how to do it (anna) but I haven't gotten around to actually installing a new theme


lmao maybe someday ill edit my pixel avi again but im in love with this art too much rn :>

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