hate when ppl ask me where i see myself next new years... like come on i dont have 2020 vision!

gonna use this next year too and just say 'tomorrow' instead.

@root eugh. retooting this to spread this feeling. what the helle.

@root i see what you did there... even without 20/20 vision.

@Olli_W_ since 2015 actually. i just never had an audience before.

@root hello i am your audience your audience says "good joke, 10/10" your audience is pleased

Ah, yes, the classic "where do you see yourself in 5 years?" joke

@root oh god, we'll have a full year of bad 2020 puns won't we

@root @root had an interview a couple of years ago when I was in London about where I see myself in five years ... I replied where do you see yourself in 5years since your company is a tech startup in financial market and Lehman brothers just crashed ... he didn't really like my answer πŸ˜…

@root i'm thankful I finally saw this because i was trying to figure out a 2020 joke all day and now i don't have to

@root I've been waiting my whole life for that perfect opportunity to be asked where I see myself in five years so I can say, with flat affect and eye contact, "dead."

@root you will see urself in the mirror, if u r not a vampire or something like that


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