can we cancel time? it promotes an unhealthy, capitalistic lifestyle.

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@root time was invented by swiss banks in order to make us all late for things


i think you'll be surprised how effective cancelling time will be at making everyone a lot less tired and stressed

@root I want sleep to work like eating and drinking works for Dwarf Fortress vampires: strictly optional


irl feature request: food is now a stat buff instead of a survival meter with no negative debuffs applied if food is not consumed before the meter runs out.


this is how it works in GW2 except there *is* a negative debuff applied for five minutes after food runs out but it's just there so you notice the icon and it doesn't actually affect any of your stats

also, the coffee in GW2 would be really good IRL considering that chairs are considered mounts by the engine:

@root one of the things the Parisian communards did was bash all the clocks on the street. You are quite right.

@root abolish capitalism just in time for christmas

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