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introduction w/ photos of me :elle: and toast :toast_cat: Show more

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i have ten strong, powerful horses all of whom are named gerrald

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mh ~ (just kinda used to it as much as it sucks) Show more

who gfives the cubones cleaned femurs? can i have one of those if i just ask or something?

imp lamp: a lamp designed with an imp character/cjharacteristics incorporated

lamp imp: an imp carrying a lamp. that's just what they do.

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my mom: *gives birth to me*

me: thanks I hate it

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Eugen boosted my post bragging I was the best poster and I got like 30 new followers. So strap in new folks I hope you like pop punk and cum jokes.

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@moiety @root you need to get Extra Clean, this things does wonders to your toots

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@root faving is justice, do not ever regret it

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@root There ya go! I can just imagine that conversation

Elle: You know what I would really like? A Penny Farthing
SD: A Penny wha-
Elle: WITH MINT WHEELS! Yes, yes. A Penny Farthing with mint wheels. *puppy eyes*

anybody wanna critique my art with the caveat that i only upload it in binary code put through a ww2 spy code scrambling machine?

im not gonna look up how much this would be lol

my next bike is gonna be a penny farthing with mint wheels.

is this rude to german, the language? Show more

us dystopian medicine Show more

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this house is politically incorrect
We say

God damn America
workers of the world unite
all cops are bastards
be gay do crimes
socialism or barbarism
eat the rich
Nazi lives don't matter

if this offends you
:antifa: :_gayheart2: :comrade: :mrmarx: :trans_heart: :anarchism:

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