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i still have a really good time reflecting back on my last migration. not to this instance, but from my prior @ on this instance, back when it got fricky and like, it just uh, died? and i asked my last host, "wait wait wait, i like can have just any @ right? can i have the admin or uh root account even though i know next to nothing about hosting or federation or administration or rooting myself?"

hehe... rooting myself.

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she is (mostly!) finished! haha. i just need to finish an egg cover for the battery pack that I'm happy with and probs condense the polyfill lmao she's a bit chonky

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cesya completed my roboslime-sona commission in record timing and im crying so much i love it, look it me! she also did a clothes-less one but maybe she wasnt ready with it yet but i love this outfit lol already have the faux leather bra just need the half-skirt thing which has a name that i cant remember the style name of

cesya is here if u want to commission something like ur -sona!:

my girlfriend is currently making gremlin noises into her ocarina

anyone wanna do the harder hellion everyone i play with seems to have never played before lol

i can’t stop thinking about robot girls eating things that are extremely not food

batteries, detergent, little bits of scrap metal

@ people who have gotten friends to get on here: how

i want a candle that smells like a burning american flag

selfie, eye contact 

@root friendship ended with pokemon now temtem is my best friend

oh boi pokemon home is just a $10 increase over the $6 for bank for a year!!


i solo'd a hellion and staggered it three times and it didn't count any of them?? whyyy what am i doing wrong lmao

i s2g dauntless has not recorded mny past 4 stars like there's no way anyone else caused it im so confused am i gonna need to solo to do these bounties

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