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if ur under 18... I'm sorry but ur mom will have to sign the field trip permission slip to see my lewds.

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cesya made me a new art for my mascot image on my instance ;u;

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cesya completed my roboslime-sona commission in record timing and im crying so much i love it, look it me! she also did a clothes-less one but maybe she wasnt ready with it yet but i love this outfit lol already have the faux leather bra just need the half-skirt thing which has a name that i cant remember the style name of

cesya is here if u want to commission something like ur -sona!:

why are lady blacksmiths sincerely just the hottest people on earth

here is a cool article about indigenous bilby conversation in Birriliburu country, with a lovely tjukurrpa (dreaming map story)

spider girls
spider girls
does whatever
spider girls do
are they cute?
aw heck yeah

watch out!!!

I'm drawing spider girls

long road to 400,000 followers. it's not easy, but it's worth it

another selfie / no eye contact / clothed but tummy, so be warned / boosts + Show more

The three words Smash players know:

1. Trash
2. God-tier
3. Main

The one word Smash players don't know:

1. Shower

*twirling my hair flirtatiously* haha so do u like slime?

You want a peck on the cheek?! Cause I stg I’ll do it

@deme what if…

Could that be a thing?

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