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she is (mostly!) finished! haha. i just need to finish an egg cover for the battery pack that I'm happy with and probs condense the polyfill lmao she's a bit chonky

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cesya made me a new art for my mascot image on my instance ;u;

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cesya completed my roboslime-sona commission in record timing and im crying so much i love it, look it me! she also did a clothes-less one but maybe she wasnt ready with it yet but i love this outfit lol already have the faux leather bra just need the half-skirt thing which has a name that i cant remember the style name of

cesya is here if u want to commission something like ur -sona!:

yugioh shitpost 

when you're at a job interview and they ask you what your best qualities are

back at it again in my favorite selfie bathroom (barely ec) 

photo of me and toast (the cat not food) 

flipping back and forth between bodhidharma levels of social isolation and being extremely needy


if you hack the planet and it isn't queer and loving, you didn't hack the planet.


selfie, outfit, no eye contact 

ive become so mentally enraptured with moving and getting a job i can't even focus on inktober lol maybe i can jump back in at some point but i really don't know if this is supposed to be viable for neurodivergent people?? or maybe i just get off track too easily about two weeks into something lol oops

cat ears are perfect because they are little triangles. i proved it with geometry.

@root thoughts are just the bubbles in my carbonated melon

food, entomophagy 

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gui of elle.iso database corpus. prone to failures and glitches.