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maybe i should've use grimer instead of egg, its smile portrait is also really really cute lol

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this meh website doesnt have all pokemon smile portraits and i was too lazy to add gen II smile images to the card. not to edit the hair, but yes to editing the pokemon. it's ok, these are fine. exeggcute and rattata are good still. they can stay and not be gen II mons.

the discord robot telling me that bandwidth doesnt grow on trees makes me want to punch the discord robot. and i love robots and dislike violence more than the grand majority.

i am back on my the ascent shit because i got a himbo to play it with me and he's pogging out at it saying this is what games should be. hell yeah it should be, himbo.

my friend is too himbo to understand how to play with me on the xbox app. why does microsoft make this not easy enough for a dog to do so he can figure this out lol

jesus falls into a good flow of power and keeps milking it until eventually he's on the cross like, *Record Scratch* *Freeze Frame* / Yep, that's me. you're probably wondering how i ended up in this situation.

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"The Nausea of Sanity" is a religion discovered in 1913 and talks about a god who provides his disciples with omniscient and complete information. You would become a demigod where past, present and future are the same.

i wonder how the vibes changed at the furry conventions after jerma stated the ONLY convention he would ever go to would be a furry convention in full fursuit as to not be identified. especially after he stated it may have already happened.

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hot take on bridget 

I'll be honest, I think this character should've been left behind. I think they could've just made a trans character instead of bringing back "nono they're not really trans, it's bc of this narrative reason that they have to pretend to be". I'll change my mind if they do a good job with the character story, but if it's just more of the same, I might hard pass on this one

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@root how is this even happening.
"i dont like violence"
"no. you LOVE it. check this shit out"

weird fuck trying to convince me i love violence and all humans love violence, even virtually.

like hun i think you may need a therapist if you're trying to convince someone that hates any violent video games and prefers playing farming sims of this. like, yikes lmao.

sad about the structure of politics 

our institutions were built to preserve capitalism, that is their primary structural command. they weren't build to be an accurate mirror to what the public wants. they are built to go into overdrive when socialist ideas creep in, which is why fascism is so comfortable for it to steep into.

i will never understand why this is impossible for braindead centrist libs to ever understand. it's humiliating and depressing to witness, honestly.

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@root yeah! I like them, they're like a little alien

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i understand this might not be a simple question, you don't necessarily need a reasoning explanation like this is a test or something lol I'm just interested because i can't honestly think of an answer myself.

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pokemon goobers that have accidentally replaced their predator animal instinct as a child by playing a pokemon game when they were 7(1); what pokemon energy do i give off and what lead you to that conclusion?

(1) source:

sorry had to include that it's been my favorite pokemon fun fact since i learned it like a decade ago.

one-tweet-a-year jerma finally learns what lorem ipsum is at age 50 after being terrified for 30+ minutes thinking it was a magic spell someone else wrote into his phone.

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