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i still have a really good time reflecting back on my last migration. not to this instance, but from my prior @ on this instance, back when it got fricky and like, it just uh, died? and i asked my last host, "wait wait wait, i like can have just any @ right? can i have the admin or uh root account even though i know next to nothing about hosting or federation or administration or rooting myself?"

hehe... rooting myself.

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she is (mostly!) finished! haha. i just need to finish an egg cover for the battery pack that I'm happy with and probs condense the polyfill lmao she's a bit chonky

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cesya made me a new art for my mascot image on my instance ;u;

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cesya completed my roboslime-sona commission in record timing and im crying so much i love it, look it me! she also did a clothes-less one but maybe she wasnt ready with it yet but i love this outfit lol already have the faux leather bra just need the half-skirt thing which has a name that i cant remember the style name of

cesya is here if u want to commission something like ur -sona!:

what i do online is for me, and the chinese communist party to know.

@Ophillous @Swiff @root I can't tell if you're gaslighting me or if you've genuinely lost your marbles or if you're just too deep into this bit to give it up now

Weed shitpost 

@root @Ophillous god i wish i had a bathtub that big, i'd never leave, that would be my home, the height of luxury, its bong functionality merely one additional feature in the perfect whole

how am i supposed to live knowing i'll never experience Bear Comfort

fishing can only lead to fish evolving revolting little mandible hands to simply remove the hook.

If I were a philosopher I would simply publish a book which resolved all philosophical problems and then retire

ah yes "followbot" from pleroma.hatthieves with a "follow us" header, of course i want you to follow me

pleased to announce I saw eleven shooting stars, one milky way and SEVERAL BATS 🦇😩🙌

genuinely cannot get over the idea of a protestant anxiously doing an online test to make sure theyre not racist

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rambling about thinking about the idea of shaving areas i never have or would that many do and is not considered strange or scary necessarily 

@root yeah, what if you scratch your brain? bad bad

rambling about thinking about the idea of shaving areas i never have or would that many do and is not considered strange or scary necessarily 

scared of imagining the idea of shaving your head, like it's not weird to me cutting myself anywhere else but I'm like, top of head?? that's a bad news right there can't ever have that or else"

me basically taking solace in the idea that, "well it's not the WORST plague.." 

thank goodness covid doesn't make you erupt in pustules, cough up scabs, and have unnaturally fetid breath, that's a plus i suppose.

Tech Will Not Save Us. I am begging you to understand that simple fact

People working in retail have it harder than the troops don't @ me

capitalism: if you don’t like how your job treats you you can just get a new job

me: ok i want a new job

capitalism: oh sorry it’s the time every six years where the entire economy is fucking destroyed so rich people can loot it right now. why don’t you beg in the street for scraps

Mozilla take 

Mozilla should stop trying to be like every tech shit company out there and re-structure itself into a worker-owned cooperative.

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