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i still have a really good time reflecting back on my last migration. not to this instance, but from my prior @ on this instance, back when it got fricky and like, it just uh, died? and i asked my last host, "wait wait wait, i like can have just any @ right? can i have the admin or uh root account even though i know next to nothing about hosting or federation or administration or rooting myself?"

hehe... rooting myself.

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she is (mostly!) finished! haha. i just need to finish an egg cover for the battery pack that I'm happy with and probs condense the polyfill lmao she's a bit chonky

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cesya made me a new art for my mascot image on my instance ;u;

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cesya completed my roboslime-sona commission in record timing and im crying so much i love it, look it me! she also did a clothes-less one but maybe she wasnt ready with it yet but i love this outfit lol already have the faux leather bra just need the half-skirt thing which has a name that i cant remember the style name of

cesya is here if u want to commission something like ur -sona!:

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Twitter link, A heads up to Black Creators 

ThoughtSlime is going to be doing an "oops all eyeballs" video focusing on mainly Black creators/projects

If you wanna send him your links and stuff to get featured then :

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"Good cops" need to quit now, there's no ambiguity. If there are as many people in the police force that are dedicated to peace and justice as we're always told there are, a mass exodus of them would make these violent police attacks impossible.

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financially support the black people in your life. if you don't have any, donate double to any mutual aid fund you see. for real. give your money directly to black and brown people.

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fediblock, it's a long one 

So let's sumarise and Leonie.

* Before koyu space, Leonie was on
I remmeber :codemom: having to deal with Leonie and trying to explain on at least 1 occasion that what was said was racist. So going the education route and been given plenty of chances to do better.

* I called Leonie out on *whine whine* people are just anti german, calling us nazi, they are just cute uwu (after I called out people to block, because nazi friends). We had an argument and that's when I blocked

* Leonie put out some bullshit about parastat on the line "development is limited to trans people" Like OK, that a take, but also she knows me and she has read my bio for sure. Leonie deleted the toot and said "you don't have to worry, it was before i read the project's description
i am learning, still" (wow, that's not a learning in 3 years tho)

* Now koyu space refederated with gab

* and they blocked the instances that are the most/best moderated instance (eg. that do not let bigotry uncheck)

So yeah, you draw what ever conclusion you want.


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instance block 

suspending for being shitty and playing fast and loose with blocking gab and then blocking pv and snouts for no good reason

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one of the oldest english words is worm and i think that's beautiful.

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Skip me with yr white "but I don't have TIME/energy/ability to read and engage!" guilt, too.

If you do, do it.

If you don't, so it goes. Make the time, or don't, but don't wring your hands and do the performative wokeness that is, "I would read this if I had time but I just don't!"

Skip me with that shit.

Your white guilt is not productive nor helpful. Swallow it down, do the work, or keep it to yourself. Don't rely on POC, especially BIPOC, to hold your hand and spoonfeed it to you.

us government 

oh huh threatening to deploy the military on peaceful protests. no other possible course of action within this shattered guise of diplomacy is there, hitler jr.

hmm what about using my desire to craft on stolen road signs and forge them into body armor so i can tank in front for longer. time to do some scouting.

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HEY, rubber bullets aren’t made out of rubber.

they are metal bullets coated with a thin layer of rubber. the cops obviously know this. they aren’t non lethal. they are not meant for close range.

they were invented as a way to break up riots by firing the bullet at the ground with the intent to bounce into people’s legs without much injury and are expected to produce contusions, abrasions, and hematomas in those cases but they can kill.

police that are shooting them point blank at people's heads are shooting to kill.

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police brutality, David McAtee 

David McAtee was shot to death early this morning in Louisville, KY. He used to give the police officers free BBQ. His body laid in the street for 12 hours. Cops are killing unarmed black men at protests about cops killing unarmed black men.

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White people, it's your job to collect white people at a march for Black people. NBPOC- it's your job to collect NBPOC at a march for Black people. "Don't police other people's-" nuh uh. Black people have asked you how to behave at their marches. If you don't like it, get the fuck out the march. Your focus is protecting Black people at the fucking march about *protecting Black lives*

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these motherfuckers, spit on protesters, ripped BLM signs, and assaulted people tonight. police did nothing. while an hour earlier peaceful protesters were tear gassed, maced, and arrested en masse.

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@hightithe @root "Living people had their chance/ They fucked up so here's our stance"

This song is such a bop tbh

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its the first of the month, dont forget to pay the violent looters who will throw all your belongings on the street and change the locks on your door if you dont pay up

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Some notes for protesting. I am not making this public. I have notes at the bottom for if you want to share it.

—If you are livestreaming a protest, and you are recording yourself, or taking selfies, instead of documenting information: you are not an ally. You are a tourist.

—Cover your face. Cover your hair. Cover your tattoos. Wouldn’t want to have any surfaces exposed that could get coronavirus.

—Protect your identity. Obscure your face. There are bad actors on the internet that would love to identify you and track you down for participating in a peaceful protest. Want to feel paranoid? Read about the mysterious deaths of identified Ferguson protestors years later. If you are in the privileged majority, this might be your first time realizing that there are violent people out there who want to hunt you down and harm you for existing. Imagine how POC feel.

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who could've known that terrorism was an inside job all along!

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